Ripple is helping build the future of global finance

We're doing for value what the internet did for information: enabling its instant and seamless flow around the world. Using the power of blockchain technology, we enable financial institutions and other businesses to unlock economic opportunity, gain business advantage and drive U.S. innovation—all while supporting their compliance efforts.

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Business Impact

Real business impact.
Right now.

Ripple uses blockchain technology to help financial service providers send and receive payments more quickly and efficiently. We also enable organizations of all sizes to drive broader business innovation with digital asset technology.

Economic Opportunity

Real economic opportunity.
Right now.

Ripple is helping increase financial inclusion and access to financial innovation through the democratizing effect of blockchain technology.


Real compliance solutions.
Right now.

Ripple solutions offer the visibility needed to help financial institutions satisfy compliance requirements in the U.S. and around the world.


Real sustainability.
Right now.

Ripple is a crypto solutions company committed to sustainability—for our company, the crypto industry and the planet.

Ripple and XRP
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How does Ripple use XRP?

Ripple uses crypto the right way. It enables financial institutions to send money faster, with lower fees and greater transparency. Ripple uses the cryptocurrency XRP because it’s fast, efficient, reliable and futureproof and because it seamlessly supports our customers’ compliance efforts.

Ripple is not alone: there are many other companies using crypto to align with the needs of consumers, businesses, banks and regulators.

What makes XRP so sustainable?

The XRP Ledger processes transactions through a unique “consensus” mechanism that consumes very little energy—around the same amount as a credit card transaction.2 This modest amount of energy per transaction is then offset through investments in carbon and energy projects to balance out residual emissions. XRP transactions are even less energy intensive than cash.3 The energy efficiency of transactions on the XRP ledger contrasts with the high-energy intensity of other blockchains.


Ripple is a U.S.-based
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Employees with a passion for purpose and deep respect for diversity.
Ripple is helping businesses, governments and entrepreneurs build the future of global finance.
Learn how we are creating a more innovative, efficient, inclusive and sustainable world, one financial transaction at a time.